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Spring Baseball 2012- Chandler Children's Photographer

Monday, May 07, 2012

Hunter started up baseball again a few months ago.  They started early in the season with some heavy duty practices.  This is his second season of coach-pitched for him.  It's amazing how this little group of 5 and 6 years olds have improved.  Last season I am sure all the parents were a little worried for our little boys but this year has been so much fun.  All the boys are hitting and understanding the game.  Hunter used to play in the dirt during the game or watch his shadow which is always fun to have to explain to the coaches. :)
 We have had a blast cheering for our little sluggers.  I can only imagine it's gonna get so much more fun from here on out.  And probably must more intense as well!

What do girls do while the game is going on? Crafts of course :)

What a ham!


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