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God Bless America! Happy 4th!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The fourth of July is coming up next week.  It's a great time of summer, the BBQ's, the pool parties, and the fireworks.   The kids are out of school, hopefully everyone's schedule has cooled off a bit.
I wanted to pass on some ideas to do for the 4th to celebrate beyond the BBQ and watching fireworks.   I am sure we will watch the fireworks and have a little BBQ as well but adding some other fun events might prove to make for an even better holiday!

 Make a great dessert!  There are a ton of good ideas on Pinterest.  Check them out and let your kids help you.    It's a great way to bond with your kids and also enjoy a delicious snack.

Read the decleration of Independence- For you and your older children this is a great reminder of how proud we should be to live in this beautiful country.

Make a craft!  Again Pinterest is the way to go.  There are so many adorable crafts on there that you can get some ideas of.  It would be awesome for you to do the crafts a head of time and decorate your house for the week.

Decorate your front yard!  What a great way to show off your loyalty and how honored you are to be an American!

Display your flag high and proudly!  Hang it on your house, wear it on your shirt, or stick it on your car.

Head out to the local parade!  This is a great thing to do with the kids.  There are always festivites and events.  Games to play and people to see all dressed up!

Read a book!  If your kids are younger there are a ton of books to read to them to explain the meaning of July 4th.  It's never to early to teach them how to appreciate the USA!

And of course, spend some time with your family, have a BBQ and watch the fireworks.  No matter what you decide to do this 4th, take some time to really remember how lucky we are to be American and be honored you get to live so free!  That is sometimes easy to forget with the hustle and bustle of every day and all that goes on in the world. 

Have fun and be safe!

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