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Summer is almost over!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

So school starts on Monday. We have a new 1st grader and a 3rd grader starting.  I can't believe how fast these last few weeks have gone by.   It's been a great little summer but with only 7 weeks off, you don't have much time to do some things.  So this week I have been in re-organization mode and trying to get back into the swing of a schedule again.  We have been hanging out, swimming and just trying to appreciate the last few days of  no schedules!  But Hunter had a new plan for this morning. 
Notice the big bump on his head?  Yep that is new today.  I was getting ready in the back of the house and heard a thud and then a scream.  You know those two sounds you really don't like to hear together as a mother.  I ran through the house to find out what happened. I hate that feeling as a mom.  You have no idea what you are running up to. Is something broken?   Is there blood?  When I turned the corner I found Hunter on his knees crying. I ran to pick him up and kept asking what was wrong. He told me he had slipped while playing the Wii.  And sure enough his little head had this nice attachment almost instantly. I scooped him in my arms, ( I love I can still hold him like that).  Reagan was a great big sister and grabbed an ice pack for me and we sat on the couch.  He cried it out.  I did my motherly thing and 20 minutes later we are all good again.  Except the bump, we might have to name him, I think will stay with us for a few days. 
Hunter gets to meet his teacher tonight, I am sure he will tell her all about it.  Thank goodness we are no where near school picture day. 
I never had "big alien head" issues with Reagan.  See how different boys are.  They really keep you on your toes. Just last week Hunter got bit my something on his forehead and it swelled up like an alien head.  You can still see the insect mark on his forehead in the picture,  Sometimes with boys you just have to throw your hands up.

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