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Christopher Columbus played baseball? What?

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Hunter has developed a slight addition to baseball in the last 8 months or so.  And not the normal 6 year old who likes to play, I'm talking about the kid who can tell us every Yankee player, what position they play, what year they started, what their number is oh no don't forget he can give you information on Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Mickey Mantel and Bill Dickey.... who?  Yep him too!  Just to name a few.
He has started collecting baseball cards which means he is starting to learn about other players who don't play with the Yankees.  He can imitate every Yankee players' batting stance.  He gives me ESPN highlights of the game down to the "pinch-hitting," the "check-swing," and "balk".  Not normal talk for 6 year olds.
I can tell you Mike is beyond proud that Hunter knows this and can sit and watch a whole game with him, but I can also tell you sometimes Reagan and I are at our wits' end.  Let me tell you that is A LOT of baseball talk all the time.

The other night Mike, Reagan and Hunter were home and I was out.  I got a text from Mike  that made me laugh out loud and wish I would have been there.

Basically Hunter was rolling off old time Yankees and where they were born, where they played, started playing, etc.  Reagan asks Hunter, " Do you know when Christopher Columbus was born?"

Hunter looks at Reagan and after a second says "What team did he play for?"
Hunter was in shock to actually think a player's info got by him.  Reagan and Mike just kind of looked at each other and Hunter went to go investigate to see about this "Christopher Columbus guy" she was talking about and how in the world this player got past him.

Don't you just love big sisters?

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