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Hour by Hour in the Hank Household

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Just thought I would share a typical day in the Hank Household.....

7:00am Breakfast 
8:00am On our way to school 

9:00am Volunteer in Hunter's Class 
10:00am Driving to Casa Grande for shoot

10:30am Still driving

11:00 Arrived at my sister's office for photoshoot (Headshots)

12:00 Eating lunch with my sister (Mexican , yummy)

1:00 Driving back home
2:00 Fast Speedy Cleaning hour because this is the only time I have today

3:00 Pick up kids from school
3:00 Start editing for the day again because this is the only time I have

4:00 Homework time

5:00 Dinner Time :) Yummy Pulled Pork Sandwiches
6:00 Kids hanging out before soccer for Reagan
7:00 Soccer Practice for Reagan
8:00 Shower Time
8:00 Hunter's shower
8:00 Reagan's shower

8:30 Time for bed
8:30 Time for bed

9:00 Words with Friends Time, my time to undwind for the day

10:00 Snuggle Time w/ Mike on the couch

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