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Words That Touch the Heart

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pretty much this entire year I was been on road to bringing back the simple life.  The life of having weekends off, sitting outside in the backyard drinking a margarita.  Having coffee with a friend I haven't seen in ages just to chat, reading books, window shopping, playing in the yard with my kids.  With all the running around we do all the time, I start to worry that may be all our life is about.  I started realizing I wasn't happy and being Miss Type A, "has to fix everything", boy did it really started to weigh on my shoulders.
I know there will be some days we will just have life hit hard and it may not be a great day, we may have a million errands to run in about 30 minutes.  We may have to be in 2 places at once but realizing that I didn't want my entire life to be that has already made a huge difference in my attitude with everything.  I knew that if I seriously tried to make an effort, anything would be better than what we were giving before.
Now here is my side note... Friday I woke up, did a little work on the computer.  I wanted to take the kids to the library that morning.  We had a nice little time, we came home so I could finish a little more work on the computer.  I hopped onto Facebook for a quick second and started seeing people had posted that a photographer in the industry and lost her battle with ovarian cancer.  I had heard of her although I didn't know her and had never met her.  I knew her story but I didn't follow her blog very much.  Honestly I kept thinking if I didn't know too much it wasn't real for her.  Selfishly I hoped that way for her.   She was 36 a year ago and diagnosed with Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer.  She was a wife, mother, sister, daughter,Christian and so much more.  She put up a really good fight.  She blogged about her journey and fight to beat cancer.  Blog postings on happy thoughts, surgeries, her boys, her shaving her head,etc.    I didn't actually read any of it until after I had heard of her passing and I regret that very much.  Her blog postings were really inspirational, and real and raw.  They were sometimes uplifting, sometimes sad enough to bring me to tears and so personal you feel like you were best friends with her for years.  My heart ached for her and her family as I read them and still does today.
One of her last blog posts really hit home, I copied and pasted what she wrote because it stopped me in my tracks.  It was worded beautiful and so obvious and yet most of us don't recognize it.  I wanted to share her words with you because I hope it touches your heart like it did mine.
Please pray for her family tonight, pray for her boys, her husband, her parents and family, her friends.  She leaves behind such an amazing legacy.  It's amazing how much a person can touch your life in so many ways and yet you have never met them.

The key is to stop letting people who do so little for your life, control so much of your mind, feelings and emotions. This is where I am. I’ve let go of those that God found a way to weed out and made permanent space for the people He has, over time, handpicked to be here. ~Jen Burgess Thompson

You can check out her blog at Am I Still A Girl
Also she and her husband and boys made a video just shortly after she was diagnosed.  It's amazing, check it out at here

God bless you Jen, you are truly an inspiration to so many even for those that have never met you.  May you rest in peace.

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