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Jacob- Class of 2013 Chandler Senior Photographer

Friday, March 29, 2013

My kiddos are back in school after a really long Spring Break.  We didn't go anywhere super fun unless you count the grocery store as super fun.  We actually did take them to the zoo one day, and we also did a lot of out to lunches which they always love.

I kind of feel bad for them because they are literally together 24/7 the entire Spring Break.  So that last week is pretty rough and they really need a break from each other.  I would too if I was around someone for 2 weeks straight.

I am amazed that they only have a quarter left of school, I swear it was just last week that they started school.  The years are flying by.  And with all these seniors I am shooting that are graduating this May, it makes me realize my kiddos aren't too far behind.  :(  Sniff Sniff

You can view his slideshow and more images by clicking below

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