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Waiting for Claire

Friday, August 30, 2013

 Kids are funny sometimes.  They don't hold anything back.  They are truthful and you just have to deal with it sometimes.  The other night we were sitting at dinner, Hunter said..." Dad, you're growing white hair right there." He pointed to Mike's beard.  Mike just looked at me and I busted up laughing.  Mike is sensitive about his "white hair" in his beard.  I find it very attractive.  I keep calling him my Silver Fox!  Which he totally hates and gives me "the look."

Anne and Hinsby are expecting little Miss Claire soon.  It was really hot during her session and I felt so bad for her but she was such a trooper.  Hinsby is from Peru, so it was interesting to hear about where he is from.  I am sure Claire will grow up learning about so many cultures.

I can't wait to meet little miss Claire and I am sure she will soon enough give them her "truthful" thoughts as well!

Congrats Anne and Hinsby!!

You can view more images on their slideshow by clicking below

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