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Awaiting Hudson

Saturday, August 24, 2013

I get only a few weekends a year that we don't have a baseball game, or volleyball game or birthday party or a photo shoot.  This morning someone asked me what we had planned to do this weekend... and with a smile, I replied..."nothing!".  Weekends like this come so rare in our family.  We are usually running around all weekend long trying to make the next event, and then the event after that, and more after that.  
I actually got to work on a DIY project today which was so nice.  It'll be on the Hankful House Blog I have.  It's like a little therapy session for me.  I love concentrating on things like that.  My mind just moves focus and all else is gone.  
The weather today has been some what nice which let me tell you, lately... not so much.  I am in full readiness for the fall weather.  I am beyond sick of the heat, ugh.  Enough is enough.

I had  2 maternity sessions this past week and the sun was boiling.  I can't complain too much because I was not the one carrying around a little baby.  It was pretty hot and I would imagine I didn't look so fabulous sweating out there in the sun.  Yikes!

I am so excited to post this for Kathleen and Conner.  I shot their wedding last summer and fell in love with this couple.  They are so sweet and seeing them grow their family is just wonderful!
You can view more images on their slideshow by clicking below

So this next image, I wish I could take credit for, but another photographer I am guessing wrote this sweet little message on the stairs and so we used it.  It's adorable!  Thank you to whoever did it before we got there!

Hudson will make his debut in September and I am so excited to meet him.  I'll be taking some pictures of him right after he is born so stay tuned for that little sweet bundle!

Congrats Kathleen and Conner!  I can't wait to meet Hudson!

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