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The Lewis Family- Summer Family Session

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

We all know it's hot, really hot here.  But the Lewis family said, "hey, let's have some pictures of us playing in the pool!"  Now that sounds like a great idea.  It lets you remember when your babies were little, or how fun you all have together just doing normal things.  Family pictures don't have to be all of you dressed up looking perfect.  That is not what family is.  It's being yourselves and having fun!
And that is just what we did.  We just kind of let the kids be kids and captured those memories and I think there is something so amazingly beautiful about that :)  It's true life 100%!!

I just know that they will treasure these images many many years from now.  We sometimes forget to document the every day life events, and those are what really can make our lives.  So think about that the next time you are thinking about pictures, maybe this next time, the pictures can be your family just hanging out being your family!

You can view more images on their slideshow by clicking below

If you are interested in an Every Day Life Session please email me at to book your session!

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