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The Steltenpohl Family- Phoenix Family Photographer

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

 I came home after shooting this weekend and Mike had rearranged our living room.  He had been home with the kiddos while I was out shooting and got a "decorating bug."  Who knows?  My DIY craziness must have some effect on him.  He was pretty proud of his set up and kept trying to convince me how it was "more open" and "better for entertaining."  Not that we do a lot of entertaining. :)
The kids must have had their input as well because they were pretty excited as well to show off their creation.  So I guess we will leave the new room for a bit.
I will admit I like the changes.  But I'm only admitting them to you, I can't let him know.  You know he'll just rub it in. :)

So I am happy to share another sweet family with you this year.  The Steltenpohl Family.  These kiddos are so stinkin easy to take pictures of.  They are both so adorable and so well behaved.  Double points for making my job so easy!  I love seeing how big all the kiddos have grown each year.

So you can see more images on their slideshow by clicking below.

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