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The Wilson Family- Mesa Family Photographer

Sunday, April 27, 2014

 So I really wanted to share this sweet little family with you earlier today but you know those Sundays that you are moving along, getting stuff done.  You feel productive and then all of a sudden you realize that your son's book report is due tomorrow and you haven't even started it.  Of course the teacher gave it to him 2 weeks ago and of course we waited til the last minute.  It kind of throws your Sunday for a loop and to find time for the book report, something has to give.  I guess we all have dirty socks to wear in the morning.  There goes the laundry!

So now I am able to brag about this adorable family and show you how cute they were for our session.  These little sisters were all about giggles and love.

You can check out more of their images on their slideshow by clicking here

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