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The Norris Family -Tempe Family Photgrapher

Sunday, November 23, 2014

 We had our kids make their Christmas List for us this past week.  Unfortunately we are at the age now where things like Go-Kart, Mini-Motorcycle, Trampoline, iPhone 5..... um I don't think so.  This year I think will be a little difficult.  When they are little it's so easy to get them things.  They seem to be happy with anything they can open up.  Now that they are getting older, they sure are more specific.  Luckily Mike and I have some tricks up our sleeve this  year.

Here is the Norris Family!!  Adorable in every way.  It's really great to see them each year and watch the kiddos grow up.   The Norris kiddos are about the same age as mine so I get them and can relate.

You can view more images on their slideshow by clicking here!

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous & Handsome.....what more can I say?