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The Iles Family -Scottsdale Family Photographer

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I know the rest of the United States has hit it's cold weather but seriously us Arizonans are freezing here.  Hunter had a baseball game last night and it was probably about 60 degrees and we had blankets and scarfs on.  It's amazing how our bodies get so used to being so warm most of the year and "our winter" starts and we freeze.  Prayers to you all on the East coast and up north, I feel your pain.  Even in the house this morning I edit with a blanket on and I think our high for the day will be 75.  I know, we are wimps.

But take a little look at these two cuties!  These two will warm your heart in a second.  Sweet baby Aenges made his debut earlier this year to join the adorable Lila.  Such fun personalities!!

You can view more images on their slideshow by clicking here. 

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