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Check off #12- My big fat secret 101 goal!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I couldn't list it publicly on my list because I had 2 people that couldn't see it. My #12 goal on my 101 goals in 1001 days was to give my parents a great surprise 30th Wedding Anniversary Party. And that is exactly what we did this past weekend.

My parents were married in Las Vegas on Nov. 19th, 1977. They actually kind of eloped. No one really knew they were going and it's amazing to me they have lasted this long and are still very much in love. In fact just in the last 10 years I can see their relationship growing stronger. They really do enjoy doing things together like traveling, movies,car shows, riding their quads and hanging out with friends and family.

My Aunt Bonnie, my sisters Tisha and Kristy and I have been planning a surprise 30th Wedding Anniversary Party for them for about 1 year. We wanted to do something big for them since they really didn't have a big reception or wedding. It was just the two of them. We really wanted them to know how exciting and proud we are of them for making it to the big 30!

We were a little nervous that we'd be able to keep it a secret but we have to thank everyone else for doing such a good job in keeping quiet. We had 102 people show up and more than that were invited, so thank you everyone very much for not spilling the beans.

The planning was a lot of hard work but so worth every minute of it when we saw their faces.

My parents had no idea and were very excited. Both started crying and both were very overwhelmed- can you imagine turning your head and seeing another person you weren't expecting. All my parents did for the first 30 minutes is hug everyone.

Here is my aunt Bonnie, me, my mom, sisters Tisha and Kristy

It was a fabulous night and definitely was a big hit- here are some images from the evening.

We also set a photo booth- these are so funny. I picked my favorites because there was a lot and I wanted to show you as many as possible.

Congratulations Mom and Dad- we all love you so much and your faces were priceless!!

Best wishes to many more years of marriage!!

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