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The Sopha Family

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Meet Rusty, Tisha, Colton and Cassity- this has to be one of my favorite cutie patootie families but I can say that because Tisha is my sister. So I'm a little biased. Tisha wanted to take the family to the Phoenix Zoo which is one of my favorite locations to shoot. There are so many places in there for that. Plus I had a great time hanging out with them. I wish I could have stayed longer but I had 2 more sessions that day I had to get too.

Rusty and Tisha met when I was in 7th grade and were married when I was a Sophomore in high school so Rusty has been a part of this family as far as I can remember and always fit right in. Colton and Cassity followed a few year laters. Colton has always been the sweetest and most polite little boy you'd ever meet. From when he was just a baby we could see it and still hasn't changed. He sure is growing into a handsome young man. He was also the first grand baby in the family so we all learned off him. :) Cassity came 2 years later and she has always been a little feisty, very independent and she also is turning into quite a wonderful young lady. She will fit nicely into our "women club" of our family.

And of course Tisha, my oldest sister who I really have always got a long with- I know it's hard to believe with 3 sisters in the house but we really did. I always looked up to them when I was little and still do now. It's nice to follow in footsteps you admire. I think she has a wonderful life and family and I just was so honored to take these photos for them.

I love you Tisha, Rusty, Colton and Cassity- thanks for having such a great day with me!! :)

Check out their adorable slideshow by clicking here

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