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Check off #15- Take Mike Colon's Workshop in Newport Beach

Friday, January 25, 2008

This one feels so good to check off my list- I still can't believe I was able to attend- It really was a once in a lifetime experience for me that I will never forget. Not only was Mike Colon awesome but so were the other photographers. I am so blessed to have met them and they are truly wonderful people. Mike was so giving, so informative and so caring for all of us to learn everything. We tried to inhale everything we could and believe me it was a ton of information. But so many things I've learned will make me a better photographer. I'm excited to share and try everything I learned. Mike also makes you want to be a better person- to treat people the way you want to be treated. He is the type of person you want to associate yourself with and be around professional and personally. He was a true inspiration.
I also met a ton of really great photographers from around the states that made a huge impact in my life and will have a connection with forever.
I'll be posting the last day session later today so stay tuned for that- it was an awesome day even though it poured on us. :(
Also you can check out some videos and pics from our workshop at
Kenny Kim's Blog
Mike Colon's Blog
Check out some of their sites.
Courtney Fries- Zoombug Photography
Steve Goldhaber-Steve Goldhaber Photography
Crystal Petersen- Crystal Petersen Photography
Amy Wellenkamp- Amy Wellenkamp Photography
Tammy Marcelain-Marcelain Photography
Tony Blake-Antonio Sanazri Occasions
DeeDee Dallas- D2Photo
Justin Wesbrooks- Justin Wesbrooks Photography
Chris Diset-Chris Diset Photography
John Loyola- John Loyola Photography
Nathan Dang-Lightyear Studio
Philip Glickman-Envisionography

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