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Week #4 weigh in

Monday, May 12, 2008

I'm in trouble- yep by the doctor. I went in on Saturday to have my 1st monthly meeting with the doctor on the diet. You are supposed to meet with the doctor once a month. I didn't lose any weight this past week. I was doing really good the first 2 weeks and then kind of fell off.
So she gave me some appetite suppressants to take and tried to motivate me back on. In all honestly I don't think I had done that bad this week although I did cheat 1 day and had a nasty greasy but yummy hamburger and 2 alcohol drinks.
The doctor told me "let me put this into perspective for you, if you have just 1 alcohol drink, that erases 3 days you were just on the diet and that is $24.00 you lost on the diet." So of course that hit me- ouch for my wallet!
And in my defense I did get weighed for my third week on Tuesday and my fourth week on Saturday, so I only had 4 days this week. I was a little early on my weigh in. I go in for my 5th week on Monday morning ( a week from today) so I'll have a few more days under my belt. I'm shooting for 5 pounds, let's see how I do-Wish me luck! :)

1 comment:

antonio said...

mandy, grab a couple of D3's 70-200 lens with flash and walk around at a couple of weddings.

Mind you, you will need alcohol to numb the aches and pains !! Hmm haha

Well good luck on week 5, Im am Elvis fan extraordinaire !!!! So hum away all you like

T the Brit