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Week #5 weigh in

Monday, May 19, 2008

Well I didn't make my goal this week of losing 5 pounds but I did loose 3 1/2 which I think is pretty darn good. :) Yippie!!!
I have to tell you though this diet is getting harder and harder- I haven't had pasta, a pizza slice, real cheese, a coke, chocolate, cheese cake or ham in almost 6 weeks. I'm getting really bored with what I'm eating. The cookies aren't bad but dinner rolls around and I just so sick of eating chicken. I try to change it up and eat a little turkey or fish but I just need more variety. I did get the clear to go ahead and do some light exercise. On 800 calories a day they want you to be careful because if you eat 800 calories and then burn 800 calories you'd probably be dead after awhile. So I ran on the treadmill yesterday. I hate exercising but I did feel good afterwards.

I think this will be my last week on this diet- as much as I love losing the weight and as much as this diet works, it's just really too expensive for my budget right now. I don't want to say
anything bad about this diet because if you can afford it you need to do it. But until gas prices work their way down again I just can't keep up with the fees.
I will however keep trying to work out more and keep eating better. The good thing about eating 800 calories a day for 6 weeks is your stomach shrinks so you really can't eat as much as you used to. I'm hoping that will help me out in the next few weeks as I transition.
Wish me luck on my final week- I'll have one more weigh in next Monday!

Weight loss this week: 3.5 pounds
Total weight loss:13.6 pounds


Laura kay photography said...

hi mandy! i should be loading the moving truck right now but i stopped to check email and then ended up here. =) i am loving your weightloss journey. i need to start my own. i just wanted to say hi tell you how awesome that is and say good job!


O Grace Photography said...

Good for you hang in there. You looked fabulous when I saw you last week. I can see a big difference. Hang in there it is a forever journey I have a feeling in my case as well:)

Courtney said...

that is fantastic, girl!! Don't don't need to spend mucho cash in order to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle! I know you'll stick to what you're doing and be super happy about it!! Love you :-)