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Happy Birthday Brooke!!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

One day back in 1995 when I was in high school my boyfriend at the time and I went to lunch at Arby's. We had just started dating and he told me he wanted to introduce me to his best friend and his friend's girlfriend. In walked this thin, blonde haired girl with really long acrylic nails. That is all I could remember on her. She talked a lot and still does and had a huge personality-still does too. That was the first day I met Brooke.

Now 13 years later, after we dumped those silly high school boyfriends, married and each had 2 kids we are still super close.

Brooke was actually a senior that year and I was just a sophomore but she got me my job at The Olive Garden which I ended up staying at for about 5 years.

I took her to lunch yesterday for her birthday and guess where we went-that's right! The OG!!!
It's fun to have a friend from high school that you are still good friends with. Especially when your own husbands didn't know you then.

Since I'm in the mood to pull out another "old" picture this week, I pulled out this picture of us in 1995, the night we went to prom. Sorry it's such a bad picture but I think everyone was in that disposable camera phase! YUCK!!!! No need to show you our dates, they aren't too important! LOL- Funny how our friendship lasted a lot longer than those 2 did!!!
Man I wish I was that thin again! :)

Here's a little more recent photo of us having some fun at the Dallas Cowboy Stadium when we went to Dallas a few months ago-

Happy Birthday Brooke!!!! :) Hope you have a good day-

1 comment:

Brooke said...

You are just tooooo sweet! Thanks again so much for lunch and the precious time with your beautiful spunky children (I can't believe Hunter doesn't have brain damage with as much as he hit his head on that table)! Also, thanks so much for that beautiful gift. I can tell your heart was totally in to it and it is something I will treasure FOREVER!!!! Love you!