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Update of Lots of Changes!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

We have a lot going on over here! We have a lot of changes happening and we've also been able to check off some goals from our 101 goals in 1001 days list!!!!

Here are some of our big announcements!!
1. We also our launching our new website!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We've changed things up a bit but are really excited to show off our new look- check it out at HERE and please leave a comment on the blog to let us know what you think. Good feedback only improves us more!!!!!!

2. Check off goal #45!! Hire an employee. We've hired a new employee- 2 to be exact. I am so excited to have these girls with me. Allison and Tracey are my newest assistants and are such a wonderful asset to the company. Both are totally adorable, really sweet, they have great personalities and I just know you all will love them as much as I do! I will be taking pictures of them of course soon and posting them so you know what they look like. You'll see them at your family session as well at the weddings. We are moving to bigger and better things and I'm so happy to have these girls to help me along the way!

3. Check #16- Lose 20 pounds- WHOOHOOOO!!!

I can't believe I haven't posted about this yet. During my Smart for Life Diet I was able to lose about 14-15 pounds and I'm assuming my stressful running around has been the culprit to losing another few for a total of 20. It's amazing how 20 pounds doesn't seem like a lot but it sure is way more than for your clothes to fit anymore. The good thing I can purchase new clothes, the bad news is I'm loosing all my old clothes and I really liked those. :( Oh well-

4. Update on the rest of the goals

Check #17- organized the kids playroom
Check #20- Took a dancing class
Check #27- Redo decor in Master bedroom
Check #37- attend church more often
Check #49- Make date night with Mike once a month (we've actually only missed 1 month since Jan)
Check #58- transferred e-mail to Outlook (thanks to Courtney!)
Check #66- volunteer for a charity- Operation: Love ReUnited!!!
Check #70- learn to eat more veggies ( I did eat more but they are still gross)
Check #62- Get software to manage and organize clients

Currently I have 441 days left to finish 57 goals- I think I am running behind. Which looks like I need to do a goal every 7.7 days until November of 2009. Now some of these I've just been dragging my feet on but some seem a little unattainable. If anyone knows how I can meet Oprah please pass along my info to her. :) Or if anyone has a free plane ticket to New Zealand or Greece, please send it my way. :) That would be such a big help!!


Olivia said...

The new site looks great Mandy! Awesome job! Congrats on all the progress on your goals.

Andrea said...

The new website is awesome. I also love the new color, it really POPS!!I like this header too!
Good job on all of your goals- especially the 20 lb weight loss that is terrific!

Alaina Gall said...

I LOVE the new website. It is fresh and beautiful! I was surprised to see a few of our photos up there; i feel famous now! Cannot wait for the wedding. 61 Days and Counting!