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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sissy: You a real cowboy?
Bud: Well that depends on what you think a real cowboy is?
Sissy: Know how to do 2-step?
Bud: You bet.
Sissy: Wanna prove it?

I sure did prove I was a real cowboy, ur, uh I guess a cowgirl.

This year was hard for me- the big 3-0! But I decided I had better have everyone I love there to help me support the age change and maybe ride a bull or two.

We met at Cadillac Ranch for dinner-awesome. They have a mechanical bull there- can anyone say "Urban Cowboy"- you know you all love that movie as much as I do! I was only able to get 2 other brave souls to ride the bull with me, everyone else gave the excuses, you know "I have a dress on, I'm too old, blah blah" But Natalie and Cathy were troopers with me and rode it.
It's exhausting and a huge work out. We had a few casualties, which included a broken nail, a cut finger and a face plant and I'm happy to announce, none were me! :)

After dinner we headed over to Dave and Busters which is like a big Chuck E. Cheese without the pizza and the kids. It's for adults and all you do is play video games, collect tickets and drink! It's awesome.
I took my point and shoot- which I'm not totally excited with but I didn't trust myself to drink and bring my 5D with me. So here are some not so great photos of that night but they still capture a great memory for me! So don't mind the red eyes, horrible flash and blurry photos.
Oh also I think someone took video of me on the bull so I hope to post that later this week!
Brooke and Jeremy

Mike and IMy lovely adorable parents-
My sister Tisha and brother-in-law Russ

Amy and Joni - Thank you two again sooooo very much!!!!!! :)

Cathy and RobertNatalie and ToddThe whole group- wish this came out better. yuckMe on the bull- yeeehaaaaaa!
Natalie on the bull
Cathy on the bull
Our good friends at Sugarlips made my cake- isn't it lovely? It's perfect and it matches my colors- so sweet, Thank you Melodie!!!! You always do an awesome job!

Natalie and I

My dad playing a video game

Cathy and I

My parents and I in a really blurry picture my husband took- I need to give him better lessons huh?
Mike and I

My sister Tisha, me and my aunt Bonnie- no she's not pregnant

It's just a basket ball silly....
Another one Mike took- geez. My mom, Bonnie, Tisha and I
Robert playing a video game- he he. They have no idea we are all staring at them

Tisha and Russ

Brooke and Jeremy
Me and Brooke
Thanks again everyone for coming down and enjoying a good 'ole adult only Saturday night out on the town!!! I love you all so much!


maile said...

looks like so much fun!! :)

Justine Miller Photography said...

Happy late b-day girl, looks like you've been super busy. Congrats on the new space! Oh and melodie's cake rocks :)