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Lordy Lordy Look who's 30!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sept 11 is always a bitter/sweet day for me. On one side it's 9/11. 7 years later and we are all so touched by what happen that morning in 2001. Amazingly I still feel like it happened yesterday. I still get chills when I think of that morning. Sitting on my bed watching the first tower burning and watching the second plane fly into the tower.
On the other side, it's my birthday! I turned 23 that day in 2001 and don't think I stopped crying that whole day. In fact I don't think I'll have another birthday without tears of sadness. Not because of getting older (even though that does bother me) but I listen to all the tributes on the TV and the radio and flashes of that horrible day come charging back.
It is getting easier as the years go by to actually celebrate my birthday. Although usually when I tell people my birthday is Sept 11 I still get the 'ohhhhhhh"'s and the "awwwww"'s.
This year I've turned 30 and I have not really been looking forward to it. It's my first year out of the 20's and I just keep looking back and hoping I've done everything I wanted up until now. I know I shouldn't feel old but I swear I was just 17- where do the years go and why do they go there so fast?
My sweet sweet husband has had to listen to me complaining for the last few months now about turning the big 3-0! And to my surprise he left me some Forever Young pills this morning when I woke up. I took about 10 this morning and I don't feel any younger. When are they supposed to kick in?

I did look in the mirror this morning and I feel a little more droopy in places and saw a few more wrinkles. But for the most part I am still happy and I'm looking forward to what the next 30, or 60 years might bring for me.

We are having a little get together on Saturday night to celebrate the birth of my new wrinkles and droopiness so stay tuned for pictures of that night!

Happy Birthday and We will never forget!


ntpoyner said...

Mandy.......30 is NOT THAT BAD!!!!
I hope you have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
PS..Let me know if the FOREVER YOUNG pills work!! LOL

crystal said...

Hey lady! Happy Birthday! What a day, huh? All I can say is that my thirties have been way better than my 20's, so you have lots to look forward to! Your pics are looking great!!! hugs!