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The Osheel Family

Monday, October 13, 2008

I'm sure you all recognize this family. Jeremy, Brooke, Revé and Gage! I think I've used their pictures more than any one's for my marketing material. But how do you not use them? This family is so photogenic, every single one of them. None of them are professional models, it must just be a gene that they pass on to their adorable children.

This family is pretty stinkn' special to me and I always enjoy shooting them, I really don't have to do much but click my shutter button. Revé and Gage are so well behaved and big dare devils too. It's amazing how they are put high on top of things and just smile!

Thank you Jeremy, Brooke, Revé and Gage for a wonderful session, I love you all!!!!!

You can view more images on their slideshow by CLICKING HERE!!!!!!!!!!

I know this shot isn't perfect but her expression was so I couldn't pass it up!


Courtney said...

Mandy, you've done an outstanding job with all of these families! Boy, you are HAVE been busy! How exciting :) Glad to hear your move went good!! I love the image above of the little boy kissing his mama on the sweet!! Fabulous as always :)

Anonymous said...

You are simply amazing! I cry every single time I watch our slideshow. You capture every feeling I have with these pics but yet I am not able to express them to my loved ones because of lifes's everyday stresses that I selfishly get caught up in. My 6 year old daughter wakes up every morning wanting to watch this because it's just perfect and it makes both of our days. What a wonderful feeling as a mom! Thank you Mandy for providing that! I love you and can't wait to have another 15 years more. :)