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Conversations with Reagan

Saturday, November 29, 2008

So as a new mom, you try so hard through out the years to document your kids life. Even if you aren't a professional photographer, you take a million pictures, remember what they weighed at each doctor apt, remember how many times they have gotten a cold. Then the second one comes a long and as much as you swear you won't be "one of those moms" that doesn't take as many pictures as the first, or you'll promise you're going to remember every last detail of the kids life, it just doesn't happen. Unless of course you are Wonder Woman (or as Reagan calls her Woman Girl), and most of us aren't.I do try and remember the really special things of my kids growing up. Just like when Reagan was little she couldn't say macaroni and cheese, she called it "pony and cheese." Our she would call Balloons, manoos. Hunter is now calling Christmas, mismis and says things like "olwight" all the time. These little things do stay with me all the time but I need to document to keep making room for more memories.
Reagan especially is getting at such a interesting age. Her little brain is consuming so much information everyday that it just amazes me. This kid asks the most mind blowing questions to help her understand the world a little better and unfortunately she leaves me perplexed and speechless sometimes on how to answer the questions. She is really big into "pretending" and I see her imagination running wild every day, it's a beautiful thing.
So I wanted to share a few funny or interesting stories with you all about Reagan over the years as she grows up. It will allow you to see what a wonderful child she is but also allow me to document her growing up and remember these things since us busy moms sometimes forget. I'm hoping to document some info from Hunter as well so watch out for Conversations with Hunter!

So back of this conversation or funny story of Reagan..... I am always telling the kids, "you're are driving me nuts." It's just my mom saying, and unfortunately I say it all the time. As much as Reagan and Hunter love each other and get along (they actually do well for a brother and sister team) they still have their moments of not sharing, pushing, hitting all the normal brother- sister stuff you're supposed to do.

Reagan and Hunter were in the back seat arguing over something, I was trying to tune out and let them handle it themselves and I heard Reagan say,


Isn't she too cute? She was close enough. Stayed tuned for some more Conversations!


Courtney said...

hahahaha I just laughed so hard outloud. Thank you, I needed that! GREAT idea with the documenting via blog. I need to do that!

Kids are hilarious. Piper said to me today...mommy, if a dog bites my tongue then I won't be able to lick ice cream...out of the clear blue. lol...what on earth! I love their little minds!

Andrea said...

I know I really need to start writing some stuff down for the kids again. Cassia says "punge bob" for sponge bob it's so cute and needs to be written in her book! This last photo of her is so cute!

Photography By Jo said...

My hubby and I both got a good laugh out of that one ;) too cute!