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Friday, November 28, 2008

So a few days ago I logged on to my google-reader to read my normal daily blogs. I have about 50 that I read, not everyone posts every day but it's just a few I have found over the years I really enjoy. Some photographers I've never met or live far away but I seem to feel a connection to them in some way.
One in particular Erica May from Kansas City. I can't remember how I found her blog a few months back but I really enjoy her pics, her writing and getting to know her. She actually was the one who showed me Operation: Love ReUnited, which I was so thankful to have known about. And she actually has done her 101 goals in 1001 days so I've enjoyed seeing her cross hers off in hopes to keep me motivated and finish mine- BTW, I have about 11 months left.
A couple of days ago she posted on her blog that she had been tagged- you have to write 6 things about yourself that maybe most people wouldn't know. In reading her 6 I found another connection to Erica- the girl loves the previews at the movie theaters. Can you believe it? I am a nut about the previews, in fact if we show up late to the movies and the previews have already started, I will either wait til the following showing or Mike has to drag me in and I know my spirit just isn't there anymore to watch the movie with my whole heart in it. There is just something about the previews that get my heart racing. And ironically Mike and I probably won't even see the movies that are on the previews. Once you have kids your movie going experience dwindles to about 1 movie every 6 months if you are lucky.
We even have a channel on our satellite that is called Nothing but Trailers, and for 30 minutes they play, nothing but trailers- who'd thought?
Sometimes I think I am the one who is nutty with all my little quirks but then I see there are others out there just like me-Thanks Erica for being nutty too!
So here are mine 6 about me!

1. In high school I was 1 out of 20 kids from our high school to be apart of an Foreign Exchange Program called Sister Cities. I got to go to Lower Hutt , New Zealand -just outside of Wellington. It was the summer before my senior year and we spent 6 weeks in New Zealand. After our 6 weeks there our "host-sister or brother" came to stay with our families for 6 weeks. As much as I loved the trip and New Zealand was so beautiful but super cold, I think I called my parents after about 3 days there and was already home sick. LOL
We got to do a bunch of really neat things in New Zealand to learn of their culture, eat some disgusting Vegemite, see an erupting Volcano, see more sheep there than I ever will in my lifetime put together and my favorite part- was seeing the Maori's perform.
When the New Zealanders came here we took them to the Grand Canyon, Sea World, Disneyland and even had to take my host sister to get a big gulp, That's what she wanted to do- she thought those were so neat in the movies. :) Great experience and I hope to one day take my family back there to see it's beauty!

2.Some people may know this and some may not but I hate veggies. Yuck! Always have, even when I was little. I have always wanted to like them but really can't do it. As I have aged a bit, I have added a few veggies to my "ok I'll eat them if I absolutely have to" list. Such as Broccoli (I'd prefer it to be smothered in cheese), corn, tomatoes, potatoes, Asparagus, cucumbers and well I think that is about it. I really hope my kids will love vegetables. I wish I wasn't a picky eater and could enjoy the healthy foods. I'd probably be a lot thinner. :)

3.I am OCD when it comes to "to-do lists." That's right, I'm a big "to-do lister". There isn't a meeting yet like AA that I can join for my problem but I'm a nut with writing lists and things to do. Everything from my grocery list, to our dinner menu list we have hanging in the pantry, my weekly chore list, my daily schedule list for the kids, my infamous 101 goals in 1001 days list, and my just plain 'ole "TO-DO" list for the week. I got overwhelmed a few months back because my To-do list was about 4 pages long, so now I try and break it down to one week at a time. Most things are silly but my life is always so hectic I feel like I need some sort of lists to keep my sanity and make sure I'm not forgetting anything.

4. I am scared to death of flying. I hate it hate it hate it!!! I wasn't always like this. I used to enjoy flying. And then somewhere between 9/11 and my kids being born, I just can't do it anymore. One of my 101 goals is to learn how to fly without having a freak out and since I've started that list I think I've been on maybe a dozen flights and I'm just not getting any better. I didn't think I would ever become that person but I sure am. My biggest fear is right after takeoff, because unfortunately the plane always seems to crash then and the media says " just seconds after takeoff or "just minutes after takeoff." My other big concern is just plummeting to the earth from 30,000 feet. I could be exaggerating yes I know and my dad always reminds me I have a bigger chance of getting into a car accident. But still these wise words don't help. I may never been cured.

5. I am missing some organs. Don't be alarmed, nothing serious. Just a few. When I was in high school I had my tonsils removed. Being a carrier of strep throat, I probably had it about 5 or 6 times a year. Then I had those removed, and walla, no strep throat but now I lose my voice probably every 3-4 months. Go figure.
Then in 2000 I broke my toe, my big one in fact (this is a regular occurrence with me) and my doctor who was examining my toe looked at my neck, for what ever reason and asked me what that lump was. My reply, "what lump?" When we got to talking about my family history and I told him my sister had once had a lump in her throat and it was thyroid cancer, a huge red flag went up and that sent me down the road of many tests, another doctor, blah blah, "your surgery is going to be this date." They removed half of my thyroid and my tests came back ok, guess it was just a nodule. But I'm missing half of my thyroid and I have a tiny scar on my neck. I guess I can tell people I was held in a hostage situation once and he cut my neck- naaaa that won' t work.
And finally about 4 months after Hunter was born I had the worse stomach pain known to man or woman. Had no idea what it was but it had me bent over in pain, I swear I was having a heart attack. The pain cuts around to your shoulder blades, so my stomach, chest, back, my whole body just screamed of pain. This was by far the worse pain that I had ever had, remember, I had already had 2 C-sections, my tonsils removed, my thyroid removed and multiple broken toes so I knew pain. Turns out I had gallstones. So some more tests, doctors and the "the surgery will be this date" was said to me. I'm a free woman now- no gallstones, no gallbladder.
So at this point I know I have about 1 more organ I can have removed and still live-my appendix. After that I might be in trouble, but so far so good with the health. :) We all joke about it now.

6.And last..... I have stolen 1 object in my entire life. Just once and I will never steal again. I haven't even thought of stealing one thing since 1st grade. That's when it all started. My BFF in 1st grade was Emily. She and I were inseparable. We did everything together. (apparently) So one night, she was staying the night at my house. My dad stopped on the way home at the local Pic Qwik and Emily and I were begging for some bubble gum. My parents both told us REPEATEDLY no. So Emily and I decide to go in to the store and get some bubble gum ourselves. Of course we were not sneaky at all, we picked the best piece, ran back to the car and popped the piece in our mouths. My mom is sitting in the front seat and could not only smell the overwhelming grape smell flooding the car but could hear us smacking in the back seat like 2 dairy cows.
She turned around and asked us where we got the gum. We both looked at each other and stuttered, "uuuhhh, um Emily brought it from her house, yeah that's it." By this point my dad had returned to the car, my mom told my dad to take us back in and tell the clerk what we did. So we bowed our heads, got out of the car and walked inside. We stood at the counter, our chins level with the counter top, we gazed up with our sad 7 year old puppy dog eyes.

My dad:"girls do you want to tell this man what you did?"
us:(mumbling I'm sure) "we stole some bubble gum
Clerk: "oh you did, I thought so when they ran out of here so fast"
My dad:"do you want to call the cops on them" (of course winking to the clerk
Us: gulping and eyes getting gigantic at the thought of jail- what would the inmates do to two 7 year olds?
Clerk: "no I think we'll let them slide for tonight as long as it never happens again."
Us: shaking our heads no, still scared to death we'd be arrested.
My dad:"ok then, girls what do you say"
us: (mumbling still I'm sure) "we're sorry"
We all walked out of the store, I'm sure we threw out the gum without even been asked and cried our eyeballs out the whole way home.
We still laugh about that story all the time, but I swear what my parents did that night was scare the crap out of me and never once since then have I thought about stealing!

So the rules of Tag is this
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The people I tag are: Courtney Fries Photography, Andrea Whittle Photography, Photography by Jo , Crystal Petersen Photography, Marcelain Photography, Laura Kay Photography


Mike92 said...

Nice blog.Is this about culture??Or is it just about your life?Either way it goes,its cool!

Anonymous said...

mandy! ha ha! :) thanks for playing along!

i happen to love vegetables! hee hee.

i don't have my appendix (it burst when i was 13)!

flying isn't my favorite, but i love getting places that require i take some dramamine 30 minutes before boarding and i'm asleep before take-off. :) you should try it!