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1st day of Kindergarten

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Reagan started Kindergarten on Monday. A great school in our neighborhood. She actually wasn't as nervous as I was. I wasn't quite sure how I would handle myself. My first baby going away to school. Oh where have the years gone?

We got to the school about 30 seconds before the bell. Just long enough for me to wipe off some sweat from the 105 degrees weather at 8:30 in the morning. Not to mention battling traffic with a gabillion cars, all acting like Nascar racers in the parking lot. Two kids in tow, a lunch box, backpack walking in the crosswalk to a world that neither Reagan nor I have experienced.

The first bell rang and Reagan looked at me confused. I explained to her that was the sound telling you that class is starting. I walked her to her room maneuvering our way through a sea of 5 years olds. The teachers were pushing the kids in their room as fast as they could. I think they do it on purpose so neither the moms or the kids have an idea of what is going on. When I realized at the last minute, I yelled at Reagan to come give me a kiss and off she was. :)

Hunter and I waited around until about 3 to pick her up and when I saw her she had a big smile on her face. She had had a loose tooth that we thought might fall out during school but it was still there.
I took her to get ice cream after school as a treat. As we were sitting there talking about her day, her tooth fell out onto the table. :)

What a big day for her and me. I can't believe I'll have to do that again with Hunter in a few years.

Walking to school

I snuck in at the last minute and snapped this- Reagan is under the arrow on the carpet with her little eyes looking over the desk at me

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