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I Love Boudoir is up and running!!!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

We are official !!!!!!
I Love Boudoir Photography is up and running!
Mandy Hank with Mandy Hank Photography and Jennifer Radack from Ograce Photography have teamed up to bring you I Love Boudoir Photography!
Mandy Hank Photography and Ograce Photography will still be around. Better than ever I might add but we felt like 2009 was time for a little challenge and we are so up for it.
I Love Boudoir is just allowing us to focus on Boudoir sessions on their own.

Boudoir Photography is the hitting the nation big. Every woman is sexy and it's our job to showcase your fabulous features. We will surely make your love handles, saddlebags, wrinkles and dimples all disappear. You don't have to be Heidi Klum to have Boudoir Portraits taken, you just need us to be your photographers! We work the magic!
It's fun, it's flirty, it's sexy and your man will love you even more for doing them. And hey you just might get that diamond you have been eyeing or those new shoes,or if you are a mom like us, he might let you sleep in that one Sunday morning. :)

Our website is still under construction but feel free to visit! And our blog is up and running as well. We love blog comments too so feel free to comment and let us know how we are doing! Oh and if you have us on your Google Reader, don't forget to add the new blog to it as well.
As a "Grand Opening Celebration" to our new awesome company, we are holding a special through the month of August. Your session is half off but you must book with us before August 31, 2009

Don't be the last of your friends to have your shots taken! Be the first and make them jealous at what an awesome body you have and how awesome we can make you :)
Contact us to book your session! 480-452-2616
Wish us good luck and please feel free to stop by and send us some well wishes on our new adventure.

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