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Baby Emerson

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Our friends Keith and Tara had Emerson back in June. He's the third little addition to their family. When we visited them in the hospital, Mike was really worried about me and having baby fever. I tend to get like that around babies. But we came, we saw, we held and we left. I did pretty good and I'm not sure if it was a gazillion degrees outside or what the deal was but the baby fever stayed in the hospital when we walked out the doors.
Now fast forward a few weeks, Baby Emerson is 8 weeks old and I go to take pictures of him. I spent about 3 hours with this little pudgy, adorable baby. He is starting to coo and make funny little noises. A lot of funny facial expressions as well. He is totally adorable and that baby fever flew about 100 miles an hour and hit me like a brick wall. Dang it. I thought I was so strong.
I called Mike on the way home and said, "Ohhhhh, you are in trouble....." I proceeded to tell him about Emerson and I'm sure on the other side of the phone Mike is trying to think of a plan to get me out of this baby idea again.... Poor husbands.

Anyhoo, as I try to seek help for my baby fever, here are some adorable pics of Emerson, and you can obviously see how hard it is for me not to think about having another little one :)

Big Brother and Big Sister- Jake and Marlee

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