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The Graham Family

Friday, October 23, 2009

On the morning we woke up to leave our vacation behind, we all were a little down. No one wanted to come home which is understandable when you've been to Disneyland and the beach. I sat on the hotel room bed and started packing up our suitcases, one by one, they were zipped up and each time a little sigh came out. Mike took all the bags down as I stayed in the room with the kids. He came up one last time and we did our go around in the room to make sure nothing was under the beds, in the closets or drawers. The kids could see Disneyland from our hotel room and they both said goodbye. As we stood at the front door, Mike and I did the normal mom dad look, as to say to each other, "are we forgetting anything?"
Hunter looked up at both of us and said, "are we coming back to our show and tell?"
Puzzled, Mike and I looked at each other again, looking to each other as a possibility if the other one understood what that meant. My first thought was maybe he wanted to bring his new Mickey to show and tell at school.
So we asked him again and each time he said the same thing, until we finally realized that the hotel to him was called the show and tell. Hotel/Show and tell, sure we get it, that is what you get with a three year old boy. We are certainly have our little conversations with Hunter now!Little boys are so funny~

I'm not sure why this little boy just melts my heart every time I shoot him. He is so adorable and has always been a super happy kid, even when he was a baby. But add some train tracks, an adorable pair of jeans and sweet little hat, you've got yourself an awesome session.

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You are very talented!