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The Lynn/Hammond Family

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Many many years ago when I was in high school, I was a "pommie." Me? Yes me, can you believe it? Sure it's believable, it fact it was what kept me in high school. No, No, I wasn't going to drop out but I actually had a chance to graduate a little early and I decided against that just so I could have a full year on the squad. I was on the squad for three years and had so much fun and met some of the best girls in high school on that team. I look back and laugh out loud at some of the things we did, the experiences we had and the things we should probably never ever tell anyone.
We were all a bunch of girls doing what we loved to do and in the middle of all that we all became really close friends, some I still talk to today. Lisa for instance was a year older than I was in high school and was one of the captains when I was a junior. She is surely one of the ones I remember having a lot of fun with. I hadn't seen her in years so I was really excited about her session.
Her younger brothers also went to my high school so it was so nice to see them all grown up with kids. Sometimes I forget everyone else at my high school grew up as well but it's strange when you see these teenagers and the next time you see them they are in their late 20's/early 30's and have kids.
I was really bummed when I woke up that morning to a very hot October sun, why in the world does it need to be 100 degrees in October? So needless to say, it was hot and everyone was sweating and one of Lisa's kids ended up with a bloody lip towards the end of the session.
It was great memories for their family even though it wasn't ideal. For where they all are in their lives, that is their family and I wanted to capture that as much as I could. One day they might have all four kids looking at the camera and smiling but this day was not that day. :)

But we got some great shots and I'm so happy to show them to you!

Check out my favs from the day!!

Enjoy some more images on their slideshow by clicking here!!!

The whole family!

Lisa and her family

Lisa and the kids

Aaron and the kids

Chris and his family

Mom and her kids!!

One of my favorites from the day for sure :) Love this one

See, today wasn't that day but what an awesome shot- love what the kids are all doing with Grandma!

Thank you Lisa and Family!! It was so nice to see you all again and meet everyone new. :)

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