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Amy, Joni, Blake and Bailey

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

As the holidays get closer and closer we find ourselves busier and busier. With me, I know half of it is I make myself busier. I was in the kitchen cleaning yesterday which was Nov 2nd and I saw four Christmas commercials. I think a panic sets in for everyone and your mind starts asking a million questions and running through everything that still needs to be done. Because if there are Christmas commercials then I only have days left. Here is a peak into about 2 minutes in my brain.

"What are we gonna do for Thanksgiving?
What are we gonna do for Christmas?
When am I Christmas shopping?
What am I buying?
Christmas Cookies?
Oh that extra 15 pounds- dang pumpkin pie
gotta order our Christmas cards
I need to fit in some "fall cleaning"
Gotta finish everyone's else's pictures
I still can't find that hoop earring-where is it?
I'm running out of space to hide the Christmas gifts
Christmas specials?
Christmas decorations?

This is all on top of the normal mom things like laundry, picking up the kids, washing the dishes, feeding the dogs, feeding your kids, paying bills and the list goes on and on.
At that moment, the words "it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas' flashed before my eyes and I almost reached for the wine bottle but then remembered I do really love the holidays and even with the stress, the money spent and the extra 15 pounds, I really am looking forward to it- I just need to work in all my "to-do's" and remember the most important "to-do"- Enjoy my family and make lots of memories!!!

Amy, Joni, Blake and Bailey met me for their Christmas pictures. It's amazing to me how much Amy's girls are starting to look just like her and how blonde they are. Blake and Bailey are turning into beautiful young girls.

You can view their slideshow by clicking here!!

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