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Has a 1001 days come and gone already?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

In the middle of my hustle and bustle of life, I realized that my 101 goals in 1001 days has met it's deadline, and I totally forgot- oops. My date was Nov 3, 2009. I knew it was coming but the last few weeks have been nutty so it slipped my mind. I actually haven't been able to cross anything off the list in a while but I realized in the 1001 days that my life had changed a bit and certain things I thought I wanted to accomplish back then, I really don't care to now. There are also some items that I really want to accomplish even if I can't accomplish them in my first 1001 days. I'll keep putting them on my list until they are.
I think 101 goals in 1001 days are so important. Sure there are some things on my list that might be silly but they are always in the back of my mind and if I write them down and if I think about accomplishing them, it just might happen. So I'm posting my old list to show you all that I accomplished. I'll be working on my next list in the next few days and am glad to share it with you. Fill free if you are inspired to do yours and send it to me. I'd love to see what you'd put!

Here's my first list!!
Anything in Red was accomplished
Anything in Green will be put on the new list

101 Goals in 1001 days
1. Clean out master closet -accomplished 2/11/07
2. Throw out old towels -accomplished 3/18/07
3. Hang curtains in bedrooms down stairs -accomplished 7-26/07
4. Hang window treatment for sliding glass door-accomplished 7/8/07
5. Hang up pictures of Reagan and Hunter in hallway -accomplished 11/1/08
6. Book 20-25 weddings a year
7. Get published in wedding magazine
8. Visit the Stephens’ Family in Texas -accomplished 12/26/08
9. Take Reagan and Hunter horseback riding
10. Buy quads
11. Learn photoshop from front to back –accomplished 2009
12. Plan an awesome SURPRISE 30th wedding anniversary for my parents!!!-accomplished 11/10/07
13. Set up connections with 4 new wedding vendors this year -1, 2,3,4 accomplished 2008
14. Make promo-collages for vendors
15. Take Mike Colon’s 4 day workshop in Newport Beach -accomplished Jan 21-24
16. Lose 20 pounds -accomplished 2008
17. Organize the kids playroom -accomplished 4/08
18. Get caught up with scrapbooking
19. Take a cooking class
20. Take a ballroom dance class -accomplished Spring of 2008
21. Make a business profit of 30% each year -accomplished 2007
22. Buy 2nd 5D Canon -accomplished 10/11/07
23. Go to a Yankee game at Yankee stadium
24. Go to an Oprah show and meet her
25. Shoot a destination wedding on another continent
26. Read 10 great marketing books -1,2 down
27. Redo decor in Master Bedroom -accomplished April of 2008
28. Get Reagan potty trained accomplished 2009
29. Have a rockin’ 30th birthday party 9-11-08- yikes accomplished 9/11/08
30. Take a cruise
31. Be able to quit my day job- make photography my "only" job –accomplished 2008
32. Spend more quality time with my family -accomplished 2008
33. Travel to New Zealand again
34. Visit a new place for vacation each year -accomplished June 8-10,2007 (Catalina Island)Cancun, 10/08
35. Set up our family in a trust
36. Set up our will -accomplished 10/08
37. Attend church more often -accomplished 2008
38. Win a WPJA award
39. Become a member of WPJA
40. Attend WPPI
41. Hook up my fax machine
42 Tape record Reagan talking and signing -accomplished 7/8/07
43. Write in Reagan and Hunter's journals once a month
44. Make a business plan -accomplished 3/6/07
45. Hire an employee (s) - accomplished 8/08
46. Open a studio -accomplished 9/3/08
47. Learn Spanish
48. Take a East Coast trip to Boston, Washington D.C, New York
49. Make date night with Mike once a month -accomplished 2008
50. Take an adult only vacation with no kids -accomplished Oct 21-24, 2008 Cancun
51. Get boob job, tummy tuck- thanks to Reagan and Hunter:)
52. Learn how to shoot Raw accomplished 9/22/07
53. Take weekly walks with my family
54. Spend cuddling time every day with my kids and husband -accomplished 2007
55. Go to Vegas for "just the day" once a year! -accomplished 2/21/07
56. Shoot a celebrity/high profile wedding
57. Attend PUG meetings every month
58. Transfer my e-mail to Outlook -accomplished 3/11/08- thanks Courtney!
59. Get my name out in the "wedding world"
60. Attend 4 photographer workshops -accomplished 7/25/07, accomplished Jan 21-24, 2008, accomplished 5/4/08
61. Send out birthday cards and anniversary cards to everyone this year
62. Get success software to organize clients -accomplished 7/08
63. Send out anniversary cards to past clients
64. Join toastmasters
65. Actually celebrate our wedding anniversary every year. -accomplished 3/29/07 & 3/29/08 &3/29/09
66. Volunteer -accomplished July 2008
67. Visit B & H Photo in New York City -accomplished 11/2/07
68. Shoot a wedding in the snow
69. Get lasik eye surgery -no can do. :( Dr. says I can't have it. Replace with Make new 101 list when I finish this one.
70. Learn to eat more veggies -accomplished 2008
71. Limit Dr. Pepper -accomplished
72. Go through and label all old negatives and organize
73. Organize extra photos in albums
74. Spend one whole week with nothing on my to-do list
75. Spend one day, laying in bed, watching movies all day long
76. Tell Mike, Reagan and Hunter I love them every day. accomplished 2007
77. Bake homemade cookies for Christmas every year -accomplished 12/22/07
78. Buy a real plant and keep it alive -accomplished 2007
79. Fix or replace my broken Precious Moments
80. Get my tattoos touched up -accomplished 10/30/08
81. Watch the ball drop in times square for New Year's Eve
82. Take a carriage ride in Central Park -accomplished 11/3/07
83. Visit the Statue of Liberty -accomplished 11/2/07
84. Go to the top of the Empire State Building -accomplished 11/2/07
85. Take Reagan to a Disney "character" breakfast at Disneyland -accomplished 6/7/07 and Oct 7, 2009
86. Set up more lunch dates with "girlfriends"
87. Have my wedding ring cleaned, resized -accomplished 11/17/2007
88. Travel to Greece
89. Go ice skating at Rockefeller Center -accomplished 11/3/07
90. Set 30 minutes a week of "me" time
91. Get regular pedicures -accomplished 2007
92. Attend an American Idol showing at the Kodak Theater
93. Talk to my parents on the phone or by e-mail everyday -accomplished
94. Learn how to travel by plane without having a freakout
95. Try Sushi- ewwwww , I said try it, not like it -accomplished 4/10/07
96. Be brave and try new techniques with my pics -accomplished
97. Have a family picnic in a park –accomplished 3/2009
98. Read the bible from front to back -
99. Pray everyday -
100. Never go to bed angry with Michael -
101. Kiss Mike and my kids good night every night!-accomplished 2007

1 comment:

Kristine Martinez said...

Wow! That's huge! You put all sorts of things on your list - big and little, mess-cleaning and family-building, personal interests and career. Some of your goals are so specific, yet others have lots of room for interpretation. I love your list. Five years ago I had some big hopes that I've been able to see happen, plus more. Within the last five years I've met the man of my dreams, married him, and had children with him. I also have a career that feels just right. Within the past few months I have felt like everything is in order and that I can just enjoy this bliss. Maybe it wouldn't hurt to write down some ideas for the future too. I always can find a closet or two to put on a list, the scrapbooking is never-ending, and making more memories to put in the scrapbooks is a good idea too. Thanks for the inspiration:).