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101 goals in 1001 days- Version 2!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Well I finally completed my second list. I thought it would be easy since I transferred about 30 from the previous list over, but I got stuck at #87 for a few weeks and just couldn't think of anything. Thank goodness it will be another 900 and some days before I have to do another list.
This list was again really motivating for me. It got me excited about the next 1001 days and I keep trying to figure out what I can accomplish first. There are a few Secret goals on my list this time. Last time there was one and the only reason it was a secret was because we were throwing my parents a surprise Anniversary party and I couldn't let her know until it happened for obvious reasons. We don't have any of those this time just ones that will have to be kept for my eyes only. :)

And hey would you just know it, I already accomplished a goal before I published the full list- I'll be blogging about that goal later today :)

Here it goes .......

1. Get published in wedding magazine
2. Take Reagan and Hunter horseback riding
3. Get caught up with scrapbooking
4. Take a cooking class-accomplished 5/18/11
5. Go to a Yankee game at Yankee stadium
6. Go to an Oprah show and meet her
7. Shoot a destination wedding on another continent
8. Take a cruise
9. Travel to New Zealand again
10. Set up our family in a trust
11. Win a WPJA award
12. Become a member of WPJA
13. Attend WPPI
14. Write in Reagan and Hunter's journals once a month
15. Take a East Coast trip to Boston, Washington D.C, New York
16. Get boob job, tummy tuck- thanks to Reagan and Hunter:)
17. Take weekly walks with my family
18. Shoot a celebrity/high profile wedding
19. Send out birthday cards and anniversary cards to everyone this year -accomplished 201020. Send out anniversary cards to past clients
21. Shoot a wedding in the snow
22. Go through and label all old negatives and organize
23. Organize extra photos in albums
24. Spend one whole week with nothing on my to-do list -accomplished 3/17/1025. Spend one day, laying in bed, watching movies all day long- accomplished 3/17/10
26. Watch the ball drop in times square for New Year's Eve
27. Set up more lunch dates with "girlfriends"
28. Travel to Greece
29. Set 30 minutes a week of "me" time
30. Attend an American Idol showing at the Kodak Theater
31. Learn how to travel by plane without having a freakout
32. Read the bible from front to back -
33. Pray every day
34. Never go to bed angry with Michael –

ALL NEW GOALS35. Put all personal blog entries into an album
36. Reorganize desk, work flow, have professional organizer help
37. Go through all 31 bins of R & H’s baby clothes and sell or give away -accomplished 9/5/1038. Travel to Maryland to meet Michael’s extended family
39. Walk for Piper in the CF walk- April 25th, 2010 -accomplished40. Take a girl’s shooting trip with Courtney
41. Go to Disneyland for my birthday
42. Throw Michael a big 40th birthday party-accomplished 7/6/12
43. Start Hunter in drum lessons- accomplished Jan 2012
44. Stick to monthly budget for 1 year straight
45. Travel to North Carolina’s beaches
46. Lose 40 pounds
47. Volunteer at my church -accomplished Sept 201048. Fly a kite with my kids -accomplished 5/9/1149. Take my kids fishing
50. Pick a Christmas Angel and buy a gift for them
51. Go to a Yankee spring training game in Florida
52. Write a handwritten letter to my parents, husband and kids letting them know how much I love them
53. Take Michael on a surprise weekend getaway-accomplished 7/6/72
54. Give Blood -accomplished 7/18/1055. Travel to Chicago
56. Get my teeth whitened
57. Host an Ugly Christmas sweater party
58. Take a pole dancing class
59. Get CPR certified
60. Take the kids to a play
61. Take Michael to a dinner theater show
62. Buy bicycles for Michael and I to go riding with the kids-accomplished 3/2012
63. Watch the sunset with my family
64. Watch the sunrise with my family
65. Give up fast food for one whole month -accomplished Feb 201066. Eat one veggie a day for one whole month
67. Visit the snow with my kids once a year 2009,2010,201168. Have my wedding negatives scanned to a DVD -accomplished April 201169. Have lunch or dinner with my parents once a month accomplished70. Host a costume Halloween Party
71. Spend one weekend a month with no Internet/computer
72. Paint the kids rooms -accomplished 7/3/1073. Paint our master bedroom
74. Buy a new car
75. Take the kids to Polar Express for Christmas –accomplished 12/11/0976. Do a boudoir session for Mike -accomplished 5/3/1177. Have Christmas pictures taken at Disneyland one year
78. Hand make headboards for all our beds
79. Use a new recipe once a week for six months-accomplished
80. Make game night for our family once a month
81. Take my kids out for ice cream once a month -accomplished82. Buy nice patio furniture
83. Get Zumba certified
84. Take the kids up to a cabin for a weekend
85. Memorize 10 psalms
86. Take the kids to a college football game
87. Have the Osheels over for a BBQ
88. Make a girl trip to Vegas for a day
89. secret!!
90. secret!!
91. Watch the Rockettes
92. Watch Miracle on 34th St
93. Watch Gone with the Wind
94. Start Tennis lessons again-accomplished 2012
95. secret ! -accomplished 9/22/1096. Take Reagan to tea
97. Take the kids to see the Polar Experience
98. Get a brazilian wax-accomplished 4/30/11
99. secret!
100. Write a children’s book
101. Make another 101 goals in 1001 days on August 12, 2012-accomplished
First Date: Nov 15, 2009
End Date : August 12, 2012

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