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Hunter's Toystory Party!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Last October, Toystory 1 & 2 were re shown in the theaters. We were on vacation at the time and decided to take the kiddos to see them. It was a double feature that gave you a little break in between both movies. We were visiting Disneyland at the time and were able to ride the brand new Toystory ride. My kids have been all geared up for Toystory 3 to come out. We all went to go see and it didn't disappoint. I even cried a little and had a guilt going home when I thought of all the toys I had gotten rid of. :( But Hunter has been slightly obsessed with the movie so of course when his birthday comes we have to throw it Toystory style.

One thing I have always done with my kids is go all out on their cake, I'm not sure why I go and spend extra money on this but I just know they won't be little forever and the older you get you don't really get cakes much. I found a wonderful place many years ago to fulfill my need of motherly spoiling. Melodie and Sugarlips Cakery and her entire staff have been so wonderful and amaze me every time I pick up the kids cakes. When I talked to Melodie on the phone we kind of threw around some ideas. I didn't really care what it was as long as it was a Toystory cake. And when I picked up the cake, my mouth fell to the floor. You just can't beat this little cake. It's adorable!!! Thank you Sugarlips!!

Hunter down the slide

Hunter got to make his own pizza

The Hank Family

Challice and Grace playing with the yo-yo

All standing around waiting to dive into the cake

Hunter surrounded by girls of course. Khloey and Grace, I just love how Khloey is looking at Hunter

Hunter surprised at his gifts. His facial expressions were priceless

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