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Moms Morning Out

Monday, August 30, 2010

One thing you overlook when you are pregnant is the need and want of some free time. It's hard to admit that when you are a mom, or even haven't become a mom yet. You never want to admit that you actually need a break from your precious little ones, "oh goodness, they are just so sweet, I can't imagine wanting to be away from my angels for one minute" Give me a break! Yeah I think those words came out of my mouth long ago. I need that break, I want that break. And it's taken me about 4 years to say that out loud and not feel ashamed. "SOMETIMES I NEED A BREAK!!!!" Wow, I just feel better already :)

I love my kids more than anything in this world but I'm human. As a mom there is only so much I can give to them and get for them and make for them and tie for them or fix for them or wash for them or change the channel for them. Your life becomes them, all them and you have to be able to take a minute for yourself just to revamp your mom batteries. Otherwise you'll find yourself on the couch when your hubby comes home, crying, trying to spit out the words, "I'm just so tired." (I've been there by the way) And the hubby prescribes the best medicine. "Get out of the house and go shopping for a bit, I'll make them dinner."

My church offers a Moms Morning Out a few times a month that I jump on faster than I can click my mouse. It gives me about 3 hours to do whatever I want, pedicure, facial, house cleaning, shopping, coffee with a girlfriend, watch TV that doesn't include Nickelodeon. I can even stare at a wall in complete silence if I really wanted to.

Three hours doesn't seem like a lot but in mom time it's means the whole world. It gives me just enough time to recharge and appreciate my little ones more. This morning was Moms Morning Out and I watched the moms dropping their kiddos off. It's funny to see the expressions of the moms while dropping off, it's like we can get to the drop off area quick enough. And if they are anything like me I am patiently waiting in the parking lot waiting for the clock to strike 9am.

Three hours later we are all back picking up the kiddos but you can see a nice refreshed look on all the moms. Maybe they have freshly painted toes, maybe their house is spotless, maybe they got to catch up with an old friend, maybe they got 3 hours of silence. Whatever it was, I can tell you this for sure, they are back to square one, ready with open arms to start being the best mom they can be!

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