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Do you have a weird obsession?

Friday, September 03, 2010

I'm not sure where my obsession with tank tops came from, maybe after living in Arizona for 17 years I'm sick of the heat and would like to wear the least amount of clothes and still cover my body. Who knows? I do know that I realized the other day just how many tank tops I do have and it frightened me. I have multiple black ones, multiple white ones, some with bling, some with designs, of course a few Yankee ones in there. Striped ones, pink ones, blue ones, green ones. You name it. I got it. Some I wear only underneath other ones. Some I wear just on their own.

I realize that if I wore one of these every day it would take me just over 3 months to wear them all. THAT IS A LOT OF TANK TOPS!!! I don't think there is a support group for "tank tops wear-ers". But I may need to admit I have a problem :)

Oh well, they make me happy and in the summer months they cool me off. Just please no one turn me into "What Not to Wear." They frown on those tank tops on that show :)

Anyone want to tell me your crazy obsession? You can tell me in secret, I promise I won't tell...

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