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The Whittle Family

Friday, November 19, 2010

The holidays are just around the corner and as busy as I am right now with editing and working, I just can't stop thinking about the holidays. I truly truly truly enjoy them. I'm not one of those that gets stressed out, I indulge in all the happiness and love spending the extra time with my friends and family. To me the month of December is my vacation. I only shoot to the first weekend in December and then spend the rest, baking cookies with the kids, going to Christmas shows, wrapping my Christmas gifts, going to Christmas parties. It's just so much fun!
Plus the house always smells so good, I love the cookie smells or the cinnamon candles we burn in the house!! Secretly I love the Christmas music too!!!
I hope this year you can enjoy the holidays for what they are really meant to be. Not the crowd pushing in the stores, not the worry about money or the extra events you have to do. Just enjoy your family, friends and really remember the kids faces every time they open their gifts!! :)

Andrea has helped me over the last few years with some weddings of mine and I just love her. She is so sweet and so helpful! I just love that she has me do her family pictures every year. Her son Jordan and daughter Cassia or just too cute. During their shoot, Cassia brought her stuffed animal, a dog named "Rhonda" with her. I held him and "babysat" him for most of their session and even let "Rhonda" take some of their family pictures. Cassia was pretty impressed. So I had to take a picture of "Rhonda" to show off my big helper!!!

Check out their family pics this year...

You can view their slideshow by clicking here!!!


Andrea said...

I can't stop watching our slideshow!!!! I love every one of these! We will cherish these forever!! THANK YOU!!!!

emurdock said...

I love these pics you did a great job with my bro, you even made him smile...rare!