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The Coppage Family

Friday, December 03, 2010

Christmas Day is just 22 days away. It's amazing how each year it seems to come quicker and quicker. Luckily I am pretty much done with my Christmas shopping. I've learned the last few years I didn't want to hear my poor checkbook yelping in pain so much in December so I started my Christmas shopping in August.
It's actually really nice to be able to wait for sales and not have to deal with the Black Friday mess. Hunter has been wanting some Batman Trio Building Block something or another and wouldn't you know it, Target read my mind and sent me a 50% off coupon for the thing a few weeks ago. Thank you Target!!!
Some people like my dad love to do the last minute Christmas Eve shopping. That suits him just fine but I would be a wreck and probably catch myself in the middle of the mall either pulling my hair out or sobbing because I couldn't get it all done.
The one down fall of shopping so early, yes I have forgotten I bought a gift or two. Last year in fact I had bought the kids a board game and the whole time they were opening the gifts I kept thinking to myself where it might be. After they were done opening the gifts, the game was no where in site so I started second guessing myself. "Maybe I hadn't bought it, just thought about it." Well guess what, this past April, I found it stuffed in the back of my closet. Oops. So they will have it under the tree this year.
I had to be honest with myself and realize my poor brain can squish in all that information of where the gifts are hidden so I got smart this year and wrote down a cheat sheet. :)
I hope you all are almost done with shopping so you can enjoy your holidays and I hope most of all your checkbook doesn't yelp in pain this year :)
Meet the Coppage Family! Rich, Amy, Derek and Cameron. Such sweet little boys. The wind was horrible that day but they were such troopers. They were a little shy at first but really opened up half way through. So cute! :)
You can view their slideshow by clicking here!!

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