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Pictures of my kids? What a concept!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"You must have some great pictures of your kids". I hear this a lot after telling people I am a photographer. And it always makes me sad. Because yes I do have some great shots of them, but I don't have as many as you'd think I would as a photographer. It's kind of like the maid who has a messy house. She cleans all day for other people, do you think she REALLY wants to rush home and clean her own house?
One of the reasons I started the 365 project was for this reason. I wanted to challenge myself to take pictures of my kids, my family and my personal life. Taking pictures of things I truly love to find my passion again. I am currently on Day 153 and feeling pretty good. There have been a couple of days where I fell behind but caught up quickly. I'm currently in the process of making a book of these images. I think when they are done it will be so special. Plus it will be of the people the mean the most to me. And sometimes we forget about that when we are busy and caught up living life.
I realized I hadn't given my kids a photo shoot in sometime so even though it's summer and extremely hot we waited until the sun set so it was somewhat bearable and headed out. We got some great shots with the light and the kids did a great job. I'm so proud to share my kids with you and show them off to you! They are adorable and I'm pretty proud of these images as well.
So now when I hear, "you must have some great pictures of your kids," I can reply, "Why yes I do!!"

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