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The Odle Family 2011

Friday, December 02, 2011

So the next family brought me a song for their slideshow and I have heard the song a million times but never really listened to the words until I was doing their slideshow. It's really one of cutest family songs I have ever listened to and the words felt like they were written for every family I know. We all have those days that everything is happening at once. Kids are sick or fighting, you are running late, a bill is due, your boss is on your case, you have no clean clothes because you just can't find time to do the laundry and in the back of your mind you are dreaming of a vacation. But somehow the world we live in every day is ok. We come home and see some adorable faces waiting for us, or the unexpected hug from your kid, a sweet glance from your husband or maybe just maybe you have the one day in such a long time that seems to have everything go right. It's those little moments that make the crazy life you are living seem like it's normal and everything is gonna be just fine!
Thanks Odle Family for reminding me of that!

You can view their slideshow by clicking here!!

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