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How does this happen?

Friday, January 13, 2012

I have been on a cleaning streak since the first of the year. Organizing, throwing out stuff, rearranging, heavy cleaning, you name it. The house needs it and my sanity needs it, or at least needs to be able to cross it off my lists.
Today's project was to clean out the fridge. You can imagine our house hasn't been normal for almost a month now with that department. First there are the weeks leading up to Christmas and let me tell you we were pretty bad about "picking something up" on the way home around that time. Then there was a lot of baking and prepping food for Christmas. Then came the days after Christmas that I really just spent prepping for our 10 day vacation. Then we went on that 10 day vacation and there is always a few days when you get back that you don't really go to the store, you don't really cook. You are just trying to get back into the swing of things.
So there was a lot to throw out, a lot to clean out, a lot to scrub. And in the midst of all that cleaning, I found that I have a little problem with buying hot sauce. How in the world do we have 5 opened bottles in the fridge. I never noticed them in there but just kept buying them. Here is my proof my mom brain was on overload again. Dang it. Where is my version 2.0 at?

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Anonymous said...

Craig will be so proud!