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Super Mom or Crappy Mom

Monday, June 18, 2012

So I like most moms deal with the struggle of balance.  Balancing between family life and work life.  It's a constant struggle for me as well as most of the moms I know.  I feel guilty that I am not working when I am spending time with my family and then I feel guilty when I am working and not spending time with family.   The hardest part is both my lives interchange between each other,  I don't have a job that allows me to get off at 5:00pm  and then get to drive home and be done with the day.  Most of the time I am trying to edit pictures, while making dinner, while doing a load of laundry while catching up on replying to emails. 
I am always trying to find the magic light at the end of the tunnel that allows me to be with both my passions, both my loves and making it all work.  I rearrange schedules, I make new schedules, I organize, I re-organize, I work on time management, I wake up early and do my best to cram it all end.  Unfortunately the first thing that gets sacrificed is my sleep or of course the house cleaning.
On top of that some how moms these days feel the need to be on top of everything.  We volunteer for every school function, church function, bake sale and sports fundraiser.  Then we have to make the fondant birthday cake  from scratch for our son's birthday party.  And don't forget all the hand made invitations you have to make for the party that require 40 hours of prep and end of costing you $75.00 and heartburn.  I am telling you this because I have been there.  We feel the need to go not just above and beyond the normal but so beyond we have a Super Mom mentality.  Our house needs to be in perfect condition just like those great decorating shows and magazines we drool over, we like to tell people how much we can multitask.  But then again there are some days I just can't get to it all and my house is a wreck.  Someone might need to bring something so I make up an excuse to meet them at a coffee shop instead.  I wouldn't dare let them in my house with it looking like that.  There are days where we have more shoes in the living room then we do in the closets where they belong.  We have so much crap on the kitchen counter tops we can't see the counters. 
As much as I love my house when it's clean it surely doesn't stay that way for very long.  So when I found this little sign it brightens my day when I read it. It give me a little ray of sunshine when I just can't get to washing the sheets that day, or I just can't get to sweeping the floors for a few days.
I also need to remind myself that when it comes to spending some quality time with my kiddos outside and cleaning the floors, the floors can always wait and I shouldn't feel guilty about that.  I need to remind myself there are certain things in life that are always more important than cleaning the floors and bathrooms.
I don't want to sound like I am complaining, I love my life.  I am just on a life search to have the best of both worlds.  It's a journey I am willing to loose sleep over because I know someday I will find the road that connects the two together and then get a full nights sleep.  One day there will be a time I can have the right amount of hours during the day to get it all done and spend enough time with my family so I don't feel guilty about working.  One day I will get to all the laundry, the floors, the kitchen counters and the bathrooms and it will stay clean for more than 1 hour. Until then I have this sign to keep my spirits up. 
And hopefully for you moms out there that struggle like I do use it as well as a daily reminder that we don't need to accomplish it all, we don't need to have the cleanest house or the best craft project or even have it all together.   Just try your best every day, love your kids unconditionally and when all else fails, pray. :)

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