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Update on 101 Goals in 1001 Days!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Years ago I started my 101 goals in 1001 days.  The concept is to basically write down 101 goals that you are dying to do and you give yourself a time frame of 1001 days to accomplish them.  Well my "Version 2" is done.  At least the 1001 days are.  My first version( listed here ), I think I did pretty good.  I finished all but 34.  This time around, I am actually more amazed at how quickly those 1001 days came back around.  I didn't finish as many as I would have liked but I am motivated to start my next set and get rolling.
I'm a pretty big goal-oriented person.  I am always wanting to try new things, start new projects, etc and this gives me some motivation to accomplish these.  The 101 goals can be anything you dream of.  Something simple like cleaning out your closet to something big like travel around the world.
I do truly believe writing down your goals makes them so much for obtainable.  They are there in front of you, you can't forget what they are and I even find myself staring at my list thinking of what next goal I can cross off.
Here is my Version 2-  there are a few goals that have changed for me in the last few years that I don't feel need to be on my list anymore.  Life changes so much and certain things that might have been important to me years ago, maybe aren't now.
I am working on my Version 3.  I'll be moving all my unfinished goals to the next version and adding some new ones.
My new end date is
May 10th, 2015!!  Holy Cow!  2015???  Yikes!

Will you be making your list, share it with me if you do.  Good luck :)

Here is Version 3!  Wish me luck, here it goes.....

101 Goals in 1001 days
Goals from past versions
1. Take Reagan and Hunter horseback riding
2. Go to a Yankee game at Yankee stadium
3. Shoot a destination wedding on another continent
4. Take a cruise
5. Travel to New Zealand again
6. Attend WPPI
7. Write in Reagan and Hunter's journals once a month
8. Take a East Coast trip to Boston, Washington D.C, New York
9. Get boob job, tummy tuck- thanks to Reagan and Hunter:)
10. Take weekly walks with my family
11. Shoot a wedding in the snow
12. Go through and label all old negatives and organize
13. Organize extra photos in albums
14. Watch the ball drop in Times Square for New Year's Eve
15. Set up more lunch dates with "girlfriends"
16. Travel to Greece
17. Set 30 minutes a week of "me" time
18. Learn how to travel by plane without having a freak-out
19. Read the bible from front to back -
20. Pray every day
21. Never go to bed angry with Michael –
22. Put all personal blog entries into an album
23. Reorganize desk, work flow, have professional organizer help
24. Travel to Maryland to meet Michael’s extended family
25. Take a girl’s shooting trip with Courtney
26. Go to Disneyland for my birthday
27. Stick to monthly budget for 1 year straight
28. Travel to North Carolina’s beaches
29. Lose 40 pounds
30. Take my kids fishing
31. Pick a Christmas Angel and buy a gift for them
32. Go to a Yankee spring training game in Florida
33. Write a handwritten letter to my parents, husband and kids letting them know how much I love them
34. Travel to Chicago
35. Get my teeth whitened
36. Host an Ugly Christmas sweater party
37. Take a pole dancing class
38. Get CPR certified
39. Take the kids to a play
40. Take Michael to a theater show
41. Watch the sunset with my family
42. Watch the sunrise with my family
43. Host a costume Halloween Party
44. Spend one weekend a month with no internet/computer
45. Paint our master bedroom
46. Buy a new car
47. Have Christmas pictures taken at Disneyland one year
48. Hand make headboards for all our beds
49. Make game night for our family once a month
50. Buy nice patio furniture
51. Take the kids up to a cabin for a weekend
52. Memorize 10 psalms
53. Take the kids to a college football game
54. Have more friends over for a BBQ
55. Make a girl trip to Vegas for a day
56. Secret Goal
57. Secret Goal
58. Watch the Rockettes
59. Watch Miracle on 34th St
60. Watch Gone with the Wind
61. Take Reagan to tea
62. Take the kids to see the Polar Experience
63. Secret Goal
64. Write a children’s book
65. Make another 101 goals in 1001 days on May 10th, 2015
New Goals
66. Secret goal

67. Re-do kitchen table
68. Re-do office desk
69. Paint console table
70. Secret Goal
71. Learn to forgive
72. Redecorate front porch
73. Order large canvas print for bedroom
74. Take kids to Bearizona
75. Have a room in my house featured in HGTV magazine
76. Be on the reality show Wipeout
77. Travel to Tybee Island in GA
78. Travel to Hilton Head in SC
79. Take kids to Smithsonian
80. Go to Vegas-adults only trip with Mike
81 Make homemade ice cream with the kids
82. Give the kids a scavenger hunt inside the house
83. Take the kids to play mini golf
84. Plant a garden in the backyard
85. Make smores in the back yard
86. Play hide and seek with my kids in the house
87. Take kids sledding
88. Take kids to Hawaii
89. Travel to San Antonio
90. Visit Tombstone, Arizona
91. Take kids to Kartchner Caverns
92. Visit Longest Yard Sale in America
93. Kiss Mike in the rain
94. Build a fort in the house with the kids
95. Have the four of us dress up for Halloween 1 year
96. Take the kids on a hayride
97. Plan a huge family reunion in New Mexico
98. Help someone else cross off a goal from their 101 goals in 1001 days
99. Build a snowman with the kids
100. Pay for the person behind me in the drive thru
101. Plan a flag football family event

Start Date: August 13th, 2012
End Date: May 10th, 2015

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