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aimee+luis Scottsdale Engagement Session

Sunday, November 25, 2012

We put our Christmas decorations up yesterday!  I am so excited.  We transform our home into a winter wonderland, or so we like to imagine!  Over the years we have hoarded collected so many Christmas nic nacs, and stuffed animals. It's kind of funny how excited I get to put them up and usually the day after Christmas I am ready for them to come down.  It gets too over crowded and by that point I need some space.  But for now I loveeeeeeee it all and can't wait for Christmas.
Our next project will be to put up all the decorations and lights on the outside.  Last April I started to back up out of the driveway and looked up into a nook of our roof and noticed there was still a strand of Christmas lights hanging.  Mike must have missed the strand.  Well it turned into a joke for us and Mike decided to leave it up for the year, how in the world did our HOA not say something?  Now he tells everyone he is ahead of schedule this year.  Hopefully through all the rain and storms through out the year the strand is still working.  I'll keep you posted on that!

Here is Aimee and Luis' engagement slideshow.  They are getting hitched in March.What a sweet sweet couple, well I guess with both of them being teachers they have kind hearts and seem so gentle spirited.  I am looking forward to their big day :)

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