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The Murray Family-Phoenix Family Photographer

Thursday, November 29, 2012

So I didn't win the big Powerball lottery yesterday and I am guessing if you are reading my blog today you probably didn't either.   Although we did come close, 1 ticket was sold in Arizona. We all kind of waited around today to find out what location sold the winning ticket. You always keep thinking you might still have the lucky ticket even though when you checked, your numbers didn't add up. It's funny how much that was the topic of conversation all day long yesterday. From Facebook, to Hunter's soccer practice, that is all I heard about yesterday. Every one telling their dreams of what they would do first with the winnings. It's awesome to dream sometimes.

I'd like to think I would probably upgrade a tiny bit, maybe a new car, maybe a new home, nothing too fancy, but more importantly I think I might have to take the family on a very extended vacation. With that amount of money we could go all over the world. My first thought also would be to quit my job and the more I think about it I probably wouldn't. Maybe take some time off sure, but honestly I love photography.  I enjoy it and think I might get bored spending all that money.  Wait what?  No no.... that could never happen :)
I guess I wouldn't have to really worry about the money situation and charging for sessions so maybe I would do every session pro bono. Ahhhhh, ok wake up girl! Next time, next time, it's coming I know it! :)

 It may not have been the Powerball I won, but I think I won one of the cutest little girl lotteries!! Meet little Miss Hudson and her mom and dad. My goodness, she is so mature and polite and adorable. . I was blown away but what she could say and do at the age of 2. Seriously adorable ;)

You can view more images on their slideshow by clicking below!

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Unknown said...

Hi Mandy-I am Jo Murray, one of Hudsyn's grandmas. Just wanted to tell you what amazing photos you took for their family! Best Christmas present ever!