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The Lessor Family- Chandler Family Photographer

Thursday, January 17, 2013

I am so sick of this cold.  I know we pray for cold in the middle of the summers but we have been on a cold streak for a week with low temperatures reaching 19 and 20 degrees.  That is too cold for me.  We are not used to having to start the car in the morning 20 minutes before we leave and bundle up in snow gear.  We pulled out the gloves and hats and big coats this week.  Dang that is a lot to carry around. 
On top of that our house is about 90% tile which is great in the summer but this week I have been ice cold in the house.  You probably think I am crazy but we have had the heater on around 72-74 degrees all week.  In the night I turn in down a bit because under the covers we can get warm.  But if I am sitting on my desk during the day editing, there is no movement to my blood and I swear there are icicles running through my veins.

But I do have this great family to showcase today!!  Their big kiddos are in for college break so they decided to have some great family pictures done. It's great to showcase a family right before their kids are off starting their own lives.  It's an amazing time and I was really excited to be a part of it.

You can view their slideshow by clicking below

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