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Welcome Baby Hudson!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I don't want to get too heavy on the blog today especially since I have this sweet little heart breaker to show off but I just wanted to take a second as I try and juggle all my thoughts of what happened yesterday in Boston. I hate that we live in a world where we have to worry about things like this. You get that feeling like I don't ever want to step out in large crowds again. But honestly we know it can happen anywhere. And just as life has bad days, even horrible days, we have many many more wonderful days to live that helps us get through these horrible moments. I am so proud of everyone who ran to help, who donated blood, who gave support where it was needed. I am so proud of this country and when I see what happens after such a horrific event, I can't help but feel a nice peace in my mind,  knowing how amazing Americans really are that they will run towards danger just to help a stranger. 
On a super duper cutie note, check out Mr. Hudson who was just born a few weeks ago. I hopped on over to their house to capture what their lives were like at this moment. These two great parents also have two little twins they are running after quite a bit. Yikes! I really love shoots like this. It's so real, nothing is perfect but it's life and it's beautiful! 
Check out more images on their slideshow by clicking below 

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