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Welcome Hudson!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

I had baby fever for a long time after Hunter was born.  Always wanting another little one.  The feeling passed a few years ago.  Once we hit the kids crazy schedule era, there was no way I could do the baby thing again.  So now when I see babies, I think "oh my goodness they are so cute!, But I don't want to do the diaper, stroller, up all night, spit up thing."  I'm good... until I met Mr. Hudson.  Oh what a cutie.

He is just a sweet sweet boy.  Of course he was perfect during my time there which made the pictures awesome but my baby fever issue, not so good :)

Last year Kathleen and Conner married, I captured that.  I met them again a few months ago with her baby bump and captured that.  And now I get to meet Hudson and see how their little family has grown.  I am so honored to be a part of that!  It's so special I get to be a part of so many great memories for them!

There is an overload of Hudson- sorry I couldn't help it.  He is just too cute for words!

Check out more images on their slideshow by clicking below

Sweet mom and lil man time... I love this!

What a smile :)

By the way, look at this adorable mobile over the crib.  Kathleen made that- seriously, adorable!!

Someone's not too happy!

Look at those blues!  Oh you just want to eat him up!

Congrats Kathleen, Conner and Hudson!  Thank you so much for letting me come and meet him and capture these for you :)  Wishing you all a lifetime of happiness!

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