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The Radack Family

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Meet Michael, Jennifer, Zach and Olivia. Jennifer wanted to meet up at the Farm at South Mountain for her pictures. Cute cute cutie patootie family. Olivia is quite a ham and always has some adorable facial expressions. And Zach seems like a normal 7 year old who loves to tell me jokes. When I asked him to tell me 1, he told me 5. :)

I met Jennifer in January of 2006 at our first bridal show. We were both starting out in the business. Jennifer is my marketing guru, at least the person I always go to for help with that area in my business. She has been a huge help to my business and me personally. She gives great advice and great ideas. And as another photographer competing in the business she still is so generous to share some of her secrets and ideas with me. It's nice to help each other out and not ever fear they will take your business from you, but know they will be there to pass it on to you if you need it.

Jennifer and I have gotten to know each better over the last 2 years and I really enjoy her friendship and enjoy talking to someone in the same business. I just recently got the chance to meet her whole family at Olivia's 4th birthday party but got to spend some 1 on 1 time with them while shooting their session.

So thank you Jennifer for many helpful cell phone conversations, many lunch dates conversations, and many text message conversations while driving- oops, that's illegal now isn't it... ?? :)

Check out their slideshow by clicking HERE

Here are some of my favorite-I think Jennifer looks so beautiful hereOlivia looks like she is doing karate :)


Jennifer Radack - O Grace Photography said...

Thank you Mandy!!!! As you know it is hard as a photographer to get your own family photographed so this was a special gift. Jen

John Sanderson said...

Great work.. I'm likening the family stuff.

Mike Radack said...

hi im olivia 8 years later its amazing how life was then i still remeber that moment